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Our mission Statement

Our skills, expert knowledge & global experience combine to offer a world class physiotherapy service.

Our mission statement is to relieve your pain, restore normal movement and return you to activity. We achieve this through quality “hands on” physiotherapy, exercise prescription – all delivered with empathy, positivity and a smile!

Our chartered physiotherapists have worked in the northern and southern hemispheres and bring a wealth of knowledge & skill back to Sundrive Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic.

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Our Team


Our Chartered Physiotherapists Joanne, Sarah, Fiona, Jenni and Elaine are results focused and committed to working closely with you to achieve a pain free life. We’ll get you back on track be it sporting or otherwise.

Sarah Doyle


Sarah is an expert chartered physio with double 1st class honours degrees (MSc Physiotherapy & BSc Athletic therapy) having received awards for academic excellence in both. This combined with her acclaimed “hands on” skills makes her a top class physiotherapist. Not only that, but Sarah has extra qualifications in dry needling, exercise rehab & orthotic prescription. Sarah specialises in prevention / treatment / rehab of all musculoskeletal injuries and has a special interest in back pain, whiplash, hip, hamstrings and shoulder pain.

She is also an accomplished athlete which gives her a unique insight into physical & psychological aspect of all sports injuries. Sarah excels in her management of sports people across all domains – GAA, Athletics, Basketball, Rugby & Rowing.

Fiona Byrne


Fiona is highly qualified & experienced with an honours degree from UCD, DMA Clinical Pilates (Australia) and dry needling (Singapore). Fiona is our reformer pilates expert and has 8 years post graduate experience having worked in clinics in Ireland and Singapore. Fiona also had the role of Singapore Physiotherapy Association clinical supervisor. Fiona treats a wide caseload of spinal pain, arthritis, sports injuries, pregnancy related pain and chronic pain.

Fiona’s unique approach of using manual therapy and reformer pilates generates efficient and effective long term recovery for her clients. Fiona believes that movement and exercise are essential in recovery from chromic pain and offers 1:1 clinical reformer pilates tuition at Sundrive Physio Clinic.

Joanne Barrett


Joanne is a graduate of Trinity College and our mot experienced physiotherapist with over 30 Years of clinical expertise to her name. She has worked in New Zealand and Ireland and completed over 50 post graduate courses in varied areas. Joanne loves to work with young and old and prides herself in getting people pain free and back to activity. She has a special interest in back pain, neck pain, pelvic pain, foot injuries, shoulder pain and arthritic (rheumatology) related pain.

Joanne has a sporting background having worked with Irish & New Zealand rugby teams, she herself is also a keen golfer which greately assists her in the speedy resolution of all golf related injuries.

Elaine Ahern


Elaine is also a graduate of Trinity College with a 1st class honours degree. Elaine has completed 50 post graduate courses in all areas, she returned from working in Sydney Australia and set up Sundrive Physiotherapy Clinic in 2000. Her aim was to provide a positive physio experience for the people of Dublin where they would be guaranteed “hands on quality physiotherapy” and speedy resolution of pain.

Twenty years later Sundrive continues to serve the people of Dublin. Elaine is mostly based in Cork now but loves coming to Sundrive to see her regular clients.

Jenni Dowley


Jenni is an experienced physiotherapist who has an honours degree from UCD. She spent 3 years in New Zealand working in a high level clinic that operated in close collaboration with the famous Les Mills International Gym. Jenni has completed numerous advanced levels in Dry Needling and manual therapy courses such as Mulligans, SFMA. Jenni is currently one of only three certified members qualified in SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) in Ireland. In addition, she has completed her CrossFit Level 1 trainers exam and has provided expert treatment/sreening to CrossFit athletes.

Jenni has a lot of experience in treating sporting injuries ranging from treating international athletes to day to day sporting injuries and pre and post operative rehab. She also has a special interest in Hip, Knee, Spine and Neck injuries including treating headaches and migraines. Jenni’s proven approach to pain relief is the winning combination of using her manual therapy skills to clear pain and her vast knowledge of exercises/muscle strengthening to educate the client to prevent injury reoccurrence.

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